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I am now a solar-powered violin shop!! The 16 solar panels on the roof power the shop and house, as well as a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle ... and now a solar-powered dory finished this summer.

An independent violin maker in New London, Conn.  I offer full violin-shop and repair services with a reputation for honest craftsmanship at an affordable price. We also have a quality violins, violas cellos and basses from other selected makers.

Our instruments are made from selected woods aged and seasoned in our wood loft. Each violin, viola or cello is entirely hand made using the same gouges, planes, and chisels used by the 17th century Italian masters. Each part of the building process is carefully adjusted to the nuances of the individual instrument.

The finishing process we use emulates the traditional Stradivari varnishing process and is done slowly so that the layers cure to a resonant and supple protective envelope. We make our own varnish using materials that recent research has shown were used by Stradivari and his contemporaries.

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·       Local source for all violin, viola, cello and bass needs

·       Sole proprietor violin shop provides individual care and attention

·       Free assessments and estimates

·       New instruments for all levels

·       Fractional size violins, violas and cellos

·       New hand-made instruments

·       New bows

·       Bow re-hairing

·       Instrument rentals

·       Instrument repairs and adjustments

·       Instrument cases and accessories

·       Strings, shoulder rests, fine tuners, tailpieces, humidifiers, cleaning kits, rosin, mutes, polish …

·       Happy to order anything we don’t carry, often with next-day availability.